How to Navigate This Site

As a participant in the Seminar, you will be contributing content to this site. There are things you can do that will help make sure the site is easy to get around.

Navigation Menu

The navigation menu is the blue bar at the top of the website that contains links. When you click on these links you will go to different areas of the site. When the Seminar starts, there will only be a couple of posts that Janet added.


Sub-menus will appear as  more and more posts are created. These will appear when you hover over a menu option. The sub-menus will group related posts to make it easier to see who is working on what.

Every Seminar participant will have sub-menu. This means that you will be able to select your name or another participant’s name and see all of the posts they created.

We will also create sub-menus for to help group communication projects to make it easy to see what other participants are working on. All participants working on brochures will have their posts grouped into a brochures sub-menu. All posts discussing presentations will be grouped in a presentations sub-menu.


All of the menus on this site are controlled by “categories.” You will be responsible for helping us maintain sub-menus by selecting categories when you create a post.

When you create a post, you will select categories before publishing. Your post will appear in the navigation bar or sub-menus based on the categories you select.

For this post, Janet selected “Communication Projects”, “Resources,” and “Student Posts.” You will see this post in each of those locations because she selected those categories when we published. Because she also selected “Project Proposals” you will see that sub-menu appear when you hover over the right menu option in the navigation bar.

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