Animation and Video Production Overview

The process for animation and video begins well before you will start working with specialized software. Here are the production steps that professionals follow when making an animation or video:

  1. Pre-Production: In this phase, you outline your idea as a script and storyboard. These steps provide the road map. Here’s what you do:
    1. Write out an outline and script of what you want your project to be about.
    2. Convert your script or outline into a visual outline that shows that actions or visuals the viewer will see at each point of the outline. This is called a storyboard. You can use a template like this Storyboard Template and see more detailed instructions on storyboarding here.
  2. Production: Once you have your pre-production road map in place, you can start filming or animating. Here are some animation and video software that might be helpful.
  3. Post-Production: In this phase you incorporate audio, transitions, and fine-tune color issues. Then export your final project.

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