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For my project, I ended up deciding to create two infographics, each of which are separately described below:

1) The aim of my first infographic is to present general information to the public/local community about the issue of stranded turtles in the Bay. My main points I wanted to get across is what strandings are and the fact that it is a local issue that happens right here in Chesapeake Bay. I also wanted to inform the audience what they should do if they find a stranded turtle (call it in to the stranding center). I also briefly mentioned some current efforts that are underway to study these events, including the stranding center and my research at VIMS. I thought this was a nice segway to lead into my second infographic.

Infographic 1: General information


2) The aim of my second infographic is to provide a little more information about efforts to study sea turtles strandings, specifically introducing my graduate research project. Specifically, i wanted to create a graphic to better explain the computer modeling aspects of my research methods. I want the audience of this infographic to still be the general public/local community, but target those who are a little more knowledgeable in the realm of science as it is a bit more advanced of a topic than the previous infographic. Some current challenges/questions I have with this product is whether or not the current introduction is necessary and if the text associated with the image is easy to understand. I was also struggling with a way to wrap up/conclude this infographic, so I currently placed a panel of global threats that sea turtles face on the bottom. I am not sure if this would be good to have, for if I include this I want to audience to be clear that these are global threats and not necessarily bay-specific threats since causes of mortality are mostly unknown in the Bay (hence, my research!)

Infographic 2: VIMS Research


For the VASG final symposium, I would like to present my product by turning my infographics into two posters. I would also like to have a few copies of my infographics in flyer form, so that I can distribute them as needed to interested personnel.

2 thoughts on “First Draft

  1. Hi Bianca! How exciting that you’ve already got your first draft!

    Just this afternoon, I’ve added a new category to your post: Animation/Illustration.
    If you go to the Communication Projects menu at the top of the site and click on Animation/Illustration, you’ll see all of the seminar participants who are working on this type of communication project. We hope this will help connect you with other participants who are working on a similar challenge. Please feel free to provide feedback and comments on others’ posts, and when you post your first draft, please make sure to check the category for your name as well as Animation/Illustration.

    I’ll make sure Kathy and Karen take a look at your work so we can get you feedback on the original schedule. In the meantime, I’d like to point out that we’ve added some videos about layout and design to the resources page:

    These are long videos, but there are a couple of sections noted that might be helpful.

    We’ll be in touch!

  2. Great first versions, Bianca!

    Karen and I have sent our feedback on your work to Janet. She will share it with you. Please contact us if you have questions.


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