Outreach Product Final (Second) Draft

Hi all,

Attached is a (mostly) final version of my outreach product, a front-and-back flyer highlighting key steps involved in managing one’s shoreline in Virginia.

Compared to the first draft, I redesigned the flyer visually, removed graphics from the second page, and reduced the amount of text.

See the new second version here:

Pfirrmann VASG SciComm Product Second Draft-1li498y

Outreach Product First Draft – Shoreline Protection Quick Guide

Attached is the first draft of my outreach product, a front-and-back flyer for coastal property owners about the shoreline protection and permitting process in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The front page highlights key steps and major components of the process, from identifying potential shoreline management options to implementing the project. It will also include contact info (phone numbers, and in an electronic pdf version, hyperlinks) for additional resources.

The back features two diagrams. One depicts the various agencies and regulations that protect different physical elements of the shoreline, and the other illustrates the steps of the permit review process.

I anticipate substantial edits and changes over the next few weeks as I prepare my final draft. These include:

  • I have yet to receive feedback from stakeholders, and plan to make changes upon receiving their comments suggestions.
  • I plan to adjust font, colors, images, and general aesthetics moving forward once I consult with those with more design experience
  • The two diagrams on the backside are from existing products created by Fairfax County and the Virginia Institute of Marine Science. I plan to either edit or recreate them for the final draft so as to better fit with the general theme/aesthetics.

The draft can be downloaded here.

A (Brief) Guide to Navigating the Shoreline Permitting Process

Below is a proposal for my outreach product for the 2017 Advanced Science Communication Seminar. In brief, my goal is to design a visual aid for coastal landowners to guide them through the shoreline permitting process in the state of Virginia.

The product could then be distributed by my host office (Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation’s Shoreline Erosion Advisory Service) during site visits to give coastal landowners an overview of the process from start (recognition of erosion problem) to finish (properly installed shoreline management structure).