Kick-Off Workshop Presentations and Handouts

Here are some resources for the workshop and beyond:

Workshop Schedule

Detailed Assignment Timeline – 2017-2018

Date                                                             Assignment Due

Tuesday, October 17                            First Seminar Event: Learn about the science of science communication, and receive briefing on the Seminar requirements. Faculty members are: George Mason University (GMU) Science Communication Professor Kathy Rowan, GMU science communication PhD student Julia Hathaway, and VASG Communications Center Manager Ian Vorster.

Friday, October 27                            One-page proposal uploaded to course website. Describe outreach product, intended audience, desired impact.

Monday, November 13                     Feedback from all instructors on proposal sent by email to participants.

Monday, December 11                      First version outreach product uploaded to course website.

Friday, December 15                         Second Seminar Event: Peer and instructor feedback on first versions of outreach products. Representative stakeholders invited.

January 20 – February 2                 Assistance with printing out fliers, infographics available through Ian Vorster, VASG.

Friday, January 26                            Final version outreach product (or a link to the product) uploaded to course website.

Friday, February 9                            Third Seminar Event: Presentation of final outreach products to peers, instructors, and representative stakeholders.